MAVEN Beverly Hills | What is a #MavenMoment?
A #MavenMoment is whenever you have that moment of greatness — you know what I'm talking about — a moment where you just feel like you are winning at life.
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What is a #MavenMoment?

What is a #MavenMoment?

A #MavenMoment is whenever you have that moment of greatness — you know what I’m talking about — a moment where you just feel like you are winning at life. It can be a moment where your hair is totally killing it, you receiving a compliment on a new blouse, or a stranger shares a nail polish color that made you swoon. A #MavenMoment is when you are experiencing overall awesomeness and sharing that wonderful feeling with others — and that feeling is infectious.


At Maven Beverly Hills, our dream was to create a salon where people could come and feel supported, encouraged, uplifted, and beautiful. We all know that outward beauty truly relies on that which comes from within. Our motto is that through kindness, confidence can be born.  The intention of this blog is to share with you tips, keys, trends, and ideas to help you live everyday having your very own #MavenMoment.


We want to return to women who support other women.  We believe it’s vital for survival to support each other’s beauty, individuality and uniqueness. We welcome you to a more positive lifestyle, and we’re thrilled to share this journey with you. We all deserve to be living the best life possible and with that feeling of possibility, a #MavenMoment is born.

  • James Thelman
    Posted at 13:46h, 11 January Reply

    I have a #MavenMoment every time I meet up with Meredith!! It sounds funny when she says that she’s ‘livin’ life,’ but seriously, that’s the greatest secret to life itself! Living in the moment! And that’s what I think she means by a ‘MavenMoment’– that moment when you realise that life is purely amazing and you have a wondrous sense of lightness.

    Meredith and Danae are only showing us what we innately already know: how to be consumed with the joy of life. Pay attention, and you’ll be having #MavenMoments all the time!

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